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Buy Compact First Aid Kit for Medical Emergency Review


Compact First Aid Kit for Medical Emergency

Medical emergencies happen in the blink of an eye, and you often don’t have time to try and rummage through your belongings to try and find some makeshift supplies. In the matter of life or death, a first aid kit is essential. It can help save the life of someone while you await for an ambulance to come. Or, it can simply help bandage up a cut that your loved one got. Either way, first aid kits are something that everyone should have. The problem is that they are a dime a dozen. There are so many first aid kits to choose from that it can be hard to decide which one to get. Now the decision is easy because this is a great first aid kit to keep with you always. It has some of the best supplies that you’ll need for when you have to help bandage someone up.

Best Features

This first aid kit is conveniently packed up for you in a bag with handles so that you are ready to go whenever. The bag is sturdy and made from high quality nylon. You can refill the bag as you go through the items in the first aid kit, so you won’t need to buy another one again. It’s super lightweight and can come with you in your glove box, your purse, or your backpack. The materials are made well and the bandages it comes with are good quality bandages. You can rest assured knowing you’ll have the right supplies for a disaster.

What’s Included

What’s Inside This Kit:

• Abdominal bandage (1pc.)
• Extra large adhesive bandage (4 pc.))
• Fingertip adhesive bandage (3 pc.))
• Standard adhesive bandage (25 pc.))
• Sanitary Prep Pads(10 pc.))
• Antibacterial ointment (4 pc.))
• Antiseptic cleansing wipes (10 pc.))
• Butterfly closure strips (6 pc.))
• Sterile gauze pads (3 pc.))
• Single-use cold compress (1 pc.))
• Cotton swabs (10 pc.))
• CPR face mask (1 pc.))
• Elastic bandage (1 pc.))
• Emergency blanket (1 pc.))
• First aid tape (1 pc.))
• Glow stick (1 pc.))
• Metal tweezers (1 pc.))
• Moleskin blister relief pad (1 pc.))
• Disposable poncho (1 pc.))
• Sterile razor blade (1 pc.))
• Safety pin (4 pc.))
• Sting relief pads (4 pc.))
• Triangular bandage (2 pc.))
• Vinyl disposable gloves (1 pc.))


You won’t need to buy anything else with this kit. It comes with everything that you could hope to have in a first aid kit. Many users expressed the joy they felt when they opened the kit and tested out a few of the items. Everything is made very well for the price of just $16. You won’t find a better deal.


Some users wish that the case was made a bit more durable with a high quality zipper closure.

Final Verdict

For a compact first aid kit, this is the best of the best. You’ll have everything you need for on the go emergencies. Don’t wait until something bad happens, prepare yourself today and be ready for anything that comes your way.