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Buy Emergency Blanket 6 Pack, 52 x 82 Review


Emergency Blanket (6-Pack), 52″ x 82″.

When you are creating your survival kits there is one item that you simply can’t forget. While many people might not immediately think of these emergency blankets, there is a reason that you need to have them. Whether you are in the dry or wet season, an emergency blanket can help you to retain the heat in your body. It is also waterproof for shelter or just to keep you warm. These emergency blankets can mean the difference between a life and death situation. They are perfect for family or friends and this six pack of extra large blankets will fit everyone on your list. Don’t be caught without one of these. They are very versatile, and the blankets can be used for much more than just warmth. Imagine the possibilities with the blankets being used as ground cover, shelter, or even a sling. There is so much these blankets can do that every survival kit needs one.

Best Features

The blankets included in this package are of premium quality. They are not made from super thin material that could tear. They are nearly indestructible, and they were even designed for use for NASA. They are very lightweight and compact, with each blanket being individually wrapped and stored for convenience to you. The blankets are bright and reflect the sun well, so they could also be used as a signal if you find yourself in trouble. This is the perfect size emergency measure to keep in every car and every first aid kit.

What’s Included

In this kit you’ll receive six blankets that are premium quality and a shiny aluminized gold color. You will also receive a free e-book that shows how you can use this blanket for more than just warmth.


These blankets retain 90{fd92ba59eda499f3e5ccd050cce173bf11bea9099d7b03b3769c2d4bb6abaea7} of your body’s natural heat. While it won’t warm you up like a traditional blanket, it does help prevent hypothermia. The blankets are really large at 52 inches x 82 inches, so it will fit everyone. It is also a great size for ground cover or a last minute table cloth. You’ll get six blankets for the price of $15, which is a really good deal. If you could only have one emergency survival tool it should be this one. The possibilities are endless with these blankets. They feel thicker than the other emergency blankets that are out there on the market, so they should work even better.


Although they are thin and light, the blankets are kind of awkward to figure out. You have to wrap it around yourself tightly for it to work correctly.

Final Verdict

Overall, this is a good product. If you need an emergency blanket, these ones are larger and thicker than the other ones out there. They are compact enough to fit in your car, backpack, or survival kit. They come highly recommended.