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Buy Grabber All Weather Blanket Review


Grabber All Weather Blanket

If you thought you needed this blanket for camping, you are really going to need it for the end of times. Even if you forget your tarp, you can use this blanket to keep yourself warm and dry.

This thermal blanket will keep up to 80{fd92ba59eda499f3e5ccd050cce173bf11bea9099d7b03b3769c2d4bb6abaea7} of your body heat without needing to throw it away like many other blankets that aim to do the same thing. Whether you are using it to cover the ground or wanting to warm up, it is a great fit for you.

Best Features

This is a heavy duty blanket that you don’t need to worry about getting dirty or tearing when you use it. One side of this product is a thermal blanket and the other side is a tarp. There are small metal holes in the corner that can be used to put your stakes through if you are using it as a base for your tent or sleeping bag.

Since it can help you retain 80{fd92ba59eda499f3e5ccd050cce173bf11bea9099d7b03b3769c2d4bb6abaea7} of your body heat, it will help you prevent hypothermia. You can use it as a shelter, normal blanket or an item for emergencies. It is much larger than the disposable blankets you see available, but it is almost able to be compacted to the same size.

It is much warmer than wool and it is made from tough laminate, fiber scrim and aluminized plastic. This will allow you to be confident that it will not tear up.


  • Easy to carry
  • Lightweight
  • Compact
  • Great for rain protection
  • Can be used to signal in case of an emergency
  • Many other uses


  • Not as comfortable as some blankets
Buy Grabber All Weather Blanket Review
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  1. To say that your post is interesting will be an understatement.
    Personally, I’ve never been paying a lot of attention to the blankets I’m buying.
    Up until now.
    The grabber all weather blanket looks more than promising.
    I’ll keep it in mind.
    Thanks for sharing this article!

    • Thanks Boryana.

      It’s great to have you stopping by and yes, it so true that oftentimes we just take whatever blanket is nearby. I hope you find what you are looking for here at 5daybag

  2. This is so nice, my family and i are campers, we have been using camping bags and pads, untill recently we decided to change to sleeping mattresses, I have been researching for the blanket and it has been stressful until i landed on your post, am so happy that Grabber All Weather Blanket Will take care of that during our next camping experience,thanks

    • Mercy,

      That’s great to hear. Camping is a great way to prepare for going off grid or just for fun. Enjoy the new blanket!

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